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Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1) - Charlie Cochet

3 - 3.5: Not my favorite Cochet. A lot of GR friends though have dug it, and I recommend Ami's review for another, more positive viewpoint.

Briefly, what hadn't worked for me:

- I LOVE action romance. LOVE IT. And I was coasting along well for the first half or so, but I found some of the dialogue, especially anything that was to be funny or show camaraderie, felt forced and leaden.

- I found Dex and Sloane fine at first, but as things progressed, found their pairing a bit dull. Dex is the hot-shot rookie that pisses people off (but also wins everyone over--when this latter trait was mentioned a few times by characters, I got some Mary Sue flashes), and Sloane is the alpha-tough lead with a big emo, angst side, especially when remembering his murdered partner from before.

As things moved forward, I had a harder time connecting to them and at around 86% got stuck for a long time, but then just finally pushed through.

So, seeing that Dex and Sloane are the primary couple for the next three books, I definitely felt less enthused.

I like the ideas; I liked the mixed group of agents, and dig the thought of Cochet launching, in a way, her version of Cut&Run (with shifters), but basically an ongoing action romance series with lots of thrills and sexy times and some relationship angst for added will-they-stay-together tension. It's a neat idea, and there's not a lot of Cut&Run-like series, so jump in and enjoy, y'all.

Will I read the next one? ....Ummmm, maybe. Again, a little bored with primary MCs, but I won't lie--I'm a "Cash" fan, or the secondary pairing of Dex's younger brother Cael and Sloane's alpha-tough buddy Ash. So, going forward, it would probably be for those hints, and it's always hard when you're going in for a secondary pairing because then everything else feels less interesting.

So, I think Cochet's historical romps are still my favorite of her work, but it is pretty cool that she's launching this series, and again, buddies have really dug it, so try it for yourself, especially if you're like me, and you dig action romance,