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The Case of the Insufferable Slave (Love's Landscapes free story)

This was a very fun novella to read, with the extra bonus for being free!

This is a noir-ish historical mystery set in an alternative world where owning slaves is allowed and expected. New private detective Flint, a freed slave himself, finds that he's unhappily saddled with taking on a slave of his own, and he's somewhat lost on how poor, low-rent him is supposed to handle the beautiful young man that's knocking on his door.

Flint can read people, and he reads gorgeous Friday, who is a mix of high-class service experience, sharp wit, and the lurking remains of bare-knuckled fear, the likes of which make Flint's stomach turn.

Along with figuring out how to fit Friday into his life (and apartment), there's also a case of a missing woman, along with some looming toughs wanting to make Flint's new life as a PI difficult.

I loved Flint's narration and it's mix of old-timey speech, I loved Friday's mix of sass and vulnerability, and very much enjoyed how these two worked together, both on the case and in in the few sexy times that dot the story.

Very enjoyable read, and at almost 40,000 words, it felt nicely long! I wouldn't say no if another client came walking through Flint and Friday's door to solve another mystery. :-)

The whole thing can be downloaded here. (For free!)