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GRNW Library Pirates Round Robin...is now COMPLETE!

That's right, with the last chapter published by Megan Derr our crazy six-month Library Pirates round robin (started in January, ending in June) is now finished!! :D And you can now read the whooooooooole thing! Check out the parts below!

Part 1 by Kim Fielding

Part 2 by Andrea Speed

Part 3 by Talya Andor

Part 4 by Jeffrey Ricker

Part 5 by Tara Spears

Part 6 by LE Franks

Part 7 by Sam Schooler

Part 8 by Morticia Knight

Part 9 by Sasha L. Miller

Part 10 by E.E. Ottoman

Part 11 (Final) by Megan Derr

THANK YOU to all the wonderful authors that participated in this round robin! :D With their creativity, inspiration, and a whole lot of sexy humor, they pulled together an awesome (and always surprising) story of Baxter and his poor, hot-library-pirate adventures!

Read on and enjoy!

And this is the Seattle Library where it's all set! (This is also where GRNW is held!)

Seattle Library