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Encountered to Death (Jamie Brodie Mysteries #5)

Encountered to Death (A Jamie Brodie Mystery) - Meg Perry

3.5 stars - Very low-key installment of the Jamie Brodie mysteries. This time, Jamie, boyfriend Pete, and Jamie’s nephew Colin visit Pete’s brother in New Mexico for a vacation, and get involved in a case about the death of a TV host for a show about aliens.

I’m already invested in this series so in this fifth volume, I once again enjoyed Jamie’s straightforward, simplistic style of narration. The characters are, as always, appealing and realistic, and this time included Jamie’s nephew, who at 12, is very gifted, but wasn’t cloying or annoying.

There was some slight movement in Jamie and Pete’s relationship as they continued to work through some of the few issues hampering them. Not as much progress as past books, but their relationship is still very strong, and they’re a fun pair to read.

The mystery itself is very low-key and almost anti-climactic. If I was coming in on this volume without reading the previous four books in the series, I probably would have been bored and may not have continued further. Being entrenched into the Jamie Brodie world by this time means that I enjoyed the book, although it felt like a snack and not a satisfying meal.

For those interested in checking out the series, don’t start here. You will get waaaaaay more out of thing if you start with part 1, Cited to Death.

Even though this installment felt a little lighter and less meaty (or tense), I really enjoy the series and love the characters, so am fully on board still and am very much looking forward to the next volume.