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The Caldwell Ghost - Short but good

The Caldwell Ghost  - K.J. Charles

A delicious albeit too short for my tastes trip back in time where a young journalist meets a sexy ghost hunter and a horny ghost.

I *love* KJ Charles' writing. I find it funny, imaginative, sexy, and thrilling, and she does a great job painting the scene with period details while keeping the pacing tight and the dialogue sharp.

It's a very fun, sexy read, but at 4,500 words, it's also a very quick read, which makes that $2 price point a little hard to take. Thankfully, I already read the excellent, longer, and free sequel story Butterflies so already knew I liked the characters and their steamy chemistry, so took the plunge into this first story about how they met.

Now I'm looking even more forward to checking out their new free crossover story Remnant.

Even if I'm grouchy about the price point, Simon and Robert are super fun characters and I love-love-love how Charles has developed them over their first two stories. I very much hope she returns to them. (With a novel. Pretty pretty please?) :D