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Less Reading, More Cherishing (Hopefully...)

Earlier this month, I had to drop out of M/M Team Bingo. I was three weeks behind on books, and two of them weren't awesome, so trying to "catch up" felt like too much, especially since I just kept getting behind, so I dropped out.:(

I started a new job last month, which is GREAT. (Paycheck! Health care! Stability! Keeping my apartment!) But boy, does it cut down on my reading time! Even with the commute.

Trying to push through books I'm not into also has become a "luxury" that I can't afford right now. Reading is still one of my most favorite hobbies and destressers, so trying to push through something that I would normally meander away from at 30% doesn't feel like a good way to spend time. 

(Although I like that Bingo makes you finish the book. There are a few gems that start slow. ...And then there are some not-gems that stay slow...or stay not-awesome...)

Anyways, I'm trying to be pickier so whatever I'm reading, I'll be enjoying the time. We'll see how that goes. :-)