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Reading Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Interesting piece by Vacuous Minx about reading beyond one's comfort zone (and being up for reading books set in completely non-white settings.)

One of the points that really resonated with me was separate from the comfort zone point. It was about

"When I first started reading Lin’s The Sword Dancer I found it slow going, even though I was enjoying it. I had to stop and tell myself to take the book on its own terms, rather than expect it to be something in particular. Once I relaxed and let the book talk to me I became immersed in the characters and the world, and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading experience."

Probably one of my biggest complaints usually with books is pacing-related. VM's point was a good reminder that sometimes the pacing is just right, I just have to adjust my own expectations and let the book talk to me on its terms.

(This doesn't mean I won't still complain about poorly paced books though that meander on points that aren't pivotal for the story or character progression.)