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GRNW Round Robin on GoodReads

In December, we asked for volunteers in the Gay Romance Northwest GoodReads group for those who would want to participate in the first GRNW Round Robin, and a bunch of amazing writers signed-up!

The Round Robin will start on GoodReads tomorrow, January 5! The authors participating are:


1- Kim Fielding (Jan. 5)
2- Andrea Speed (Jan. 20)
3- Talya Andor (Feb. 3)
4- Jeffrey Ricker (Feb. 17)
5- Tara Spears (Mar. 3)
6- L.E. Franks (Mar. 17)
7- Sam Schooler (Mar. 31)
8- Morticia Knight (Apr. 14)
9- TBD (Apr. 28)
10- Megan Derr (May 12)

Each author will pen a section of a story, and the next author will pick it up. Each section must fit into one GoodReads post (equaling at max 12,000 characters or at around 2,200 words each.)

So, it should be fun to see what comes up!

And the prompt? As voted by group members, the story will be about LIBRARY PIRATES.

WHO KNOWS where that will lead, but I'm looking forward to it. :D (And will post an announcement when each section pops up.) Arrrr!