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Tomb of the God King

Tomb of the God King - Julia Talbot


3.5 stars – This was the equivalent of a Saturday matinee, the kind with mummies and ancient evils and romance and sketchy villains and adventurers squinting from the sun as they pull out their hidden revolver and start shooting at snakes. Just like the kind you’d catch on some random weekend afternoon while you’re channel surfing, trying to avoid football. (Except, this one has WAY MORE m/m sex.)

Christian is British and uptight and working on a somewhat sketchy dig in 1920’s Egypt for a blowhard of a boss. Their competition is the dig next to theirs, which happens to include Eric Lawless (!!!), a handsome American hired gun, who Christian instantly dislikes…until they start to “get to know each other” better.

It is a fun light adventure romance, with a lot of the telltale signs of these kinds of adventure stories. (Shadowy villains! Egyptian myths coming alive!, Lots and lots of sand!) If you like Indiana Jones-esque m/m stories, you may have a good time with this.

My main beef is that there is A LOT of sex in between all the dashing around and avoiding snakes (but not “pants-snakes”!) It felt like there was a sex scene every 10% of the story. They weren’t too long, but I started skimming them. (Ho-hum, another shared BJ in the tent…)

That, and there were a couple questions that weren’t answered.

What was up with the poisoning? Who did that? Why??

(show spoiler)

But with that said, it was still a fun read. I still find historical-adventure-Saturday-Matinee-ish-m/m-romance as very novel, so I had fun reading this, even with the sex scene-skimming. This is the first book I’ve read by Talbot, and I thought her writing was overall fine and smooth, albeit a few typos.

So, have fun if you read it! Don’t go in for deep-thinking mummies. Go in for silly monsters, shady demons, and sexy times amongst the sand dunes. ‘Cause that is what you will find here.