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I need to stop paying attention to the fanfiction kickstarter because it just makes me angry, and but I just wanted to point out that if you chip in $250 or $500, a fanfic writer will send you their WIP folder of fanfics or finish a currently unfinished fanfic.


So....as a reward, you're paying for fanfic. Sweet Jeebus, guys. Really?

(I'm obvious not into fandom enough, because I don't see a WIP folder as anything but a headache and a basket of unfulfilled dreams. But I could pay for the privilege of that headache! Hoo-boy...)

Also for $500, you could get a short story written for you. (Did you know that for $500, you could buy many many many original short stories and novels...written by either current or former fandom writers...right now? Like have them in hand right now? You could be supporting fanfic writers who publish original fiction right now and have their products in hand at this very moment?)

Ugh, need to stop watching this!