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Must Ignore Internet

The GR M/M Romance Groups nominations are up for the 2013 reader choice awards. (Tons of nominees. A little overwhelming.) The voting survey will launch tomorrow.

I'm not against awards. They're very useful tools to get works noticed, and are VERY USEFUL for marketing. (Even for me, who is working on author readings, etc. Having that kind of bio info is really useful to sell events to media or to curious readers. "So-and-so is an award winner for such-and-such novel." etc. Sounds shiny!)

I'll be honest and say that I'm not a fan of the vote-mongering that's about to happen, and especially with using friends networks to crowd the vote.

That's a part of the process though, I know. I just need to not pay attention to it.


And just appreciate the authors whose work I admire, even if they don't win any prizes or accolades.