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Good Bones

Good Bones - Kim Fielding

A very good and nicely different “shifter” story about Dylan, a hipster architect who flees his city life for country living where he fixes-up an old house while trying to keep his monthly werewolf outing on the down-low. Lucky for him, his only neighbor is a hot guy who is handy with tools, is quite the cook, and possibly-maybe-could-be interested in guys. Dylan’s life of trying to minimize close relations to people just got more complicated (and sexy.)


Probably my favorite part of this story was Fielding’s writing in general. I found it very effortless, while at the same time, I found Dylan’s voice very realized as a character. I also loved hot neighbor Chris, whose low self-esteem often battles against him, and makes it harder for him to believe that someone would want a “hick” like him.

it’s also filled with a lot of hilarious northwest touches. I’m in Seattle, so I really enjoyed all the NW nudges, whether it was the setting, or with what characters were doing or thinking. It was very funny.


Recommended for those who  like shifters, but are good with a deviation from the norm. (No one says “Mine! Mine!” here, and there’s no insta-mate bound, although Dylan does pee around Chris’s house a couple times, which is like the animal way of calling dibs.)