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Transparency - Ethan Stone, Sara York

A nice contemporary romance short story about a man who wants to find that special someone, but fears his body will not be enough for a potential partner. Fortunately for him, he gets on the radar a sweet bear of a man who is willing to push through those fears.


Full disclosure--the authors contacted me to read a version of this short story a few weeks before they released.

I’m not normally a fan of “straight-up” contemporary romances, but this story was a bit different since the main character of Taylor is trans*, and this is the first trans* romance I’ve read. It was a good read, and I thought the authors did a really nice job of portraying Taylor. I never once felt that he wasn’t a man, even if part of his body was still female. At the same time, I felt very keenly Taylor’s stresses as he worried about being rejected or found out or even beat up because others wouldn’t accept who he is.

Charlie is a very sweet character, one who is very enamored with the “cute twink” that he met (and was blown by) at the porn emporium. They had nice chemistry, and I appreciated that Charlie was the right amount of forward/pushy to continually show Taylor that he was interested and ready to try things.

I also appreciated that there was some dualism between what things Taylor was hiding and what things Charlie wanted to reveal about his likes/kinks.

I’m glad the authors wrote a romantic story about two people finding a partner who is attracted to them for who they really are. A quick read, but well done.