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Finished Anarchy in the UK (XMFC)

Finished the monster 162k word X-Men: First Class modern AU fic Anarchy in the UK.


Very well done, and especially recommended for those who enjoy contemporaries, since it's really an original novel about a closeted prince of England and a reporter, their secret affair, and what things happen after. It was not too emo, except for one of the side characters, and had parts that were very funny, sexy, and meaningful. Endearing characters, and I got teary at a few parts. (Always strange, I think, when you cry while reading fanfic.)


I also appreciated that it didn't have long bouts of separation between the MCs. Her current epic serial that's unspooling now, an AU historical set in ancient Rome, is achingly well done, but has way more angst and separation and pain and sadness. I appreciate that this one was meaningful, but less emo and sad.


Great long read. Also, I liked that it didn't feel like a meandering serial. I think the author had it plotted well beforehand, so it feels like more of a novel, as opposed to a very long fanfic posted over months.