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Bonds of Earth

Bonds Of Earth - G N Chevalier

A very good historical romance set right after WWI about a former ambulance driver who, because his homosexuality if revealed, is forced by his family to leave New York City and take a gardening job upstate. There he struggles to remain disconnected, but finds himself drawn to the estate’s denizens, including a surly, arrogant young man who is also battle-scarred from the war.

What I liked: It was a nice change of pace to read an m/m romance set after WWI, and the author did a nice job with the setting and period details. All the characters are engaging and sympathetic, and the story really follows a slow healing process--for the MCs, for the house and gardens, for the other characters--it’s like each are being the sun for the other, to help bring them back up out of the despair or fear or trauma where they were locked in.

The romance is also a nice slow burn, and a good choice for anyone looking for an enemies-to-lovers book (since the MCs have little regard for each other at first) or for a slow, developing romance. (No insta-love here, kids.)

My only beef is that the pacing somewhat slows down in the last quarter, to add some sexy times and then some conflict. Somehow this didn’t mesh as well for me as the first three quarters.

But overall, I enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was very well-written, and also a real treat to get a snapshot of that time. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who digs m/m historicals. (And I hope this author will release another book.)