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Dead in the Desert

Dead in the Desert (L.A. Paranormal) - Lou Harper

A very enjoyable sequel to the paranormal mystery Dead in L.A.. This time, psychic Leander and his cranky "roommate"/lover Jon are on the case of a missing person, and as they search, they unearth more mysteries (and a few bodies.)

Grouchy Jon is the narrator, and I love him. His narrative voice is solid, a little stark, and straightforward. As the reader, you get to enjoy all the hints about how much Jon cares about Leander, even though he's not willing to admit it to himself. I find his voice and also his and Andy's dialogue a real treat, and I love watching him come undone, even when it's in that tightly controlled Jon way.

It's a pretty laid-back mystery, even more so than the first one. In one way, it's a very relaxing, enjoyable read, but I wouldn't have minded a little more tension near the end.

Overall, I enjoyed it very much, and if you dug Dead in L.A. you probably will dig this as well. It can probably stand alone, but I don't know why you'd wanna skip book 1. It's a great read too.

Recommended, especially if you like mysteries. It's low on sexy times, but that's okay--I didn't miss it, and Jon and Andy still had lots of cute moments.

I'm definitely hopeful for a book 3. I could read these guys all day.