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Qunn's Gambit

Quinn's Gambit (AURA Book 1) - Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn

Overall, this is a really enjoyable and imaginative urban fantasy romance, and fans of that genre should have good time with this fantastical romp in New York City.

What I liked: Overall, I dug the world and all its fantastical beings running around. Also the developing romance between straight-arrow Val, who is an Elf and has difficulties understanding human customs and nature, and skittish Quinn, a human magic-user who tries to lay low, especially from officers of the law (like Val.) Fortunately for romance fans, things keep pushing them together.

I appreciated that the authors threw in a bunch of other characters to carry the story along. It felt colorful without feeling crowded, and I give props to any authors including a Yeti in a romantic relationship. Yetis need love too!

What was harder: The climax happens somewhere between 70-76% of the story, and after that, it's like a longish epilogue and wrap-up. Because the climax happens so early, I kept pondering if something else was going to happen, or if it was something like Samhaim and the story was going to end by 90% and we would be hit with excerpts. I kind of wished for more energy in that last quarter to keep the pacing up.

Do you like urban fantasy? If you do, then this may be a fun ride for you. It's got magic, fairies, cops, baddies, romance, sex, swords, not-mean river trolls, loving Yetis, centaurs, flirting incubi, the roving dead, and more. It's chock full of stuff and an overall fun and very readable story.