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Kick Start - Josh Lanyon

**Review of Audio Version**

I bought the ebook version of this installment, the 5th part in Lanyon's Dangerous Ground series, but I noticed it was on sale on Audible so picked up the audio version as well, and ended up listening to it before reading it.

How was the story? Overall, it was a fun outing for Will and Taylor, not out of government service and forging their own path as independent security consultants (and struggling a little bit with finances.) The bulk of the novella is them traveling to Oregon to visit with Will's family, who didn't totally know that Will is gay and is in a committed relationship. That, and other things pop up, like stalkers and released convicts. You know- normal stuff for these guys.

What I wished for: I felt like there was a lot of build up but less climax to fit that build-up. (Like all the references to the Russians. Will that go somewhere?) When the climax happened, I was kind of, "Oh-is this the climax? Will there be more?"

But I'm a big Lanyon fan, so I still always find dipping into his stories a good way to spend time. The audio version also made it a longer experience (Over 4 hours of listening). I think I would have sped through faster if I was reading.

How was the audio? I liked it! I thought the narrator did a cool job of distinguishing between (gruffer, deeper) Will's voice and (tonally lighter) Taylor's voice. He was a good narrator, and would look forward to listening to other stories by him.

How as this for a Dangerous Ground story? I didn't find it groundbreaking for the series, but if you're already a big DG fan, it should be a fun outing for you. If you haven't read the series yet, I would start with part 1 Dangerous Ground. You might be confused diving in first here (especially with Taylor's random musings about David Bradley, Will's old flame.)