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Chugging along for the side characters

Rack & Ruin - Charlie Cochet

Read but not rating since I'm pretty much only reading for the side characters. (I find the main couple, Dex and Sloane, very dull together. Once I started allowing myself to skim their sex scenes, things felt much easier.)

I really love the trope/pairing of Cranky and Kind, so am pretty much here for the Cael/Ash (CASH) development. The new character of Austin is okay. I feel ambivalent about Hudson's unhappy love story, and find Hobbes still almost a non-character except for being huge, strong, and quiet. In true Cochet style, there is a lot of love stories (or potential love stories) flying around. I just wish we didn't have to follow Dex and Sloane's arc for four books before we start to get to the others. (The irony here is that I usually love series that focus on one couple. I just don't find much tension/chemistry between the main two here.)

That being said, I had some sudden medical things pop up this week, very stressful, and #2 and #3 of this series were pretty much the only thing I could read. I think the fact that it's a fairly light read, like reading a script almost for an action movie, and I could skim the parts that weren't working for me. But I am also grateful that it kept me entertained during a time when I really needed entertaining/distraction.

Will break my no-buy plan to pick up book 4 next month, and will be gnawing my arm for when the CASH book comes out this summer.