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Year End Review 2014 - Favorite Books, Most Surprising, and More

My "end of year" review post is up on Boys in Our Books, including fave books, most surprising, and what I've learned from this year.

One of my take-aways is that I've read waaaaaaaay less this year than in the past, mostly due to lack of time, but I've also bought a bunch (and accumulated a stack of XMFC fanfic) so am planning a challenge in 2015 to try to get through a portion of the 275+ books, stories, and fanfics that I own.


(Still allowing for buying--not going cold turkey, but focusing on trying to get through the backlog.) :-)

What were some of your fave reads from this year? (And what are you looking forward to in 2015??) :D

End of Year Review 2014