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Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise - Talya Andor

A fun and thrilling sci-fi/action/romance about twin brothers who are the only survivors of an alien attack on the planet Noise, and have been living alone for three years, hoping for rescue, and developing a close, loving, and devoted relationship to each other. When rescue finally happens, it’s not for what they hoped for, and they have to navigate who is friend and who is an enemy, along with facing the real threat of the aliens returning for them.

What I liked:

This novel feels very much an homage to sci-fi classics like Alien, Aliens, and The Thing, but in a good way. The story is action-packed, and I found myself sitting in the bath for two hours last night, water going from hot to lukewarm, as I finished it.

The brothers, Theo and Bastian, are compelling characters, 16 and both forced to learn to survive on their own in an empty compound. (Heads-up--The twins are *together*, and have formed a loving, sexual relationship during their isolation.)

I thought the incest would squick me out, and I avoided this book for a while because of it, but Andor made it believable and fitting for the characters, and she added a few touches that hit my buttons.

1- I’m a SUCKER for mind bonds, and Theo and Bastian have a little something extra that ties them together, a talent that has helped them survive. You can find out the rest of the extras if you read it. :-)

2- Very Devoted – They LIVE for each other, and are each other’s worlds. Codependency like that can be off-putting, especially in real life, but it worked for this story as Theo and Bastian did whatever was in their power to protect each other from the many real threats around them.

This is mostly an action/sci-fi adventure story with some dollops of romance and sexy times. The romance fan in me was not left wanting since I found Bastian and Theo’s strong connection to each other compelling.

What was harder:

There were a few threads not completed, so I wondered about those. Also, and this may be heresy, but I almost wish some of the sex scenes had been trimmed down. Not because they weren’t good, but I found they slowed down the pace in an overall very fast-moving story. I wished that pace had been consistent throughout.

It ends well, for those who are nervous readers like me. No cliffhanger to worry about, but I’m also ready now to jump into the sequel, Klaxon at the Core, and see how things have progressed.

If you like movies like Alien and Aliens, and can be okay with for-real brotherly love, then this could be a fun read for you. I’m definitely glad I read it.