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Pride and Modern Prejudice - Fun Read

Pride and Modern Prejudice - AJ Michaels

Confessions time! Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favorite romances and I think I have the glory that is the 1990’s BBC miniseries memorized, so when I saw the description for a modern update of P&P, but this time with a m/m romance twist, I was quite intrigued. (And happy to say that this P&P fan came away pleased.)


This time, the story is set in a college town outside of Philadelphia (but don’t worry, anglophiles! There is a trip to England and a visit to the gorgeous Pemberly estate.) Here, we have young Liam entering college, a little snarky and very much wanting to get away from his family and live on his own (with best buddy Charlotte), but he finds his life getting a little more complicated as he is dragged to a high-end party with favorite brother (and all-around sweetie) Jamie. There he comes face to face with the rich, handsome, awkward, and standoffish William Darcy. First impressions leave their mark, and Liam can’t wait to never see Darcy again, but when Jamie starts dating Darcy’s best friend Charlie Bingley, the two of them find they can’t stop meeting up, and even as Darcy irritates him to no end, Liam starts to have the first stirrings of feelings for someone else, and he doesn’t quite know what to do with this realization and what this means.


Toss in a rascal of a musician, a skeezy cousin bent on marriage, financial woes and some broken hearts, and you have a fun romp that stays very true to its origins while adding in a few twists and surprises. (If you’ve read or seen Pride and Prejudice, you’ll follow along the trajectory of the story very easily, but for me, who is very familiar with P&P, it was still very fun to read and see how the author would take things.)


And props for the author even getting in the scene of Liam stumbling upon the vision of a dripping wet Darcy! I whole-heartedly agree that a dripping wet Darcy needed inclusion! It’s even needed for this review! Hello, Colin!





One note for ye olde Sexy Romance fans—this is a very sweetly romantic read, and although there is a little more action this round with Liam and Darcy than in the very “respectable” original novel, any intimate relations is fade to black and not described, so you’ll have to make up the hotness in your heads.


I think the author did a really nice job—in some ways because it did stay very true to P&P’s overall plotline, there wasn’t too many surprises, and I wouldn’t have minded a little more Liam/Darcy time (‘cause I’m greedy), but this was very enjoyable, and would be a great read for someone looking for something light, fun, and romantic.


I also wouldn’t mind a return to this modern P&P universe—it would be interesting to see how you take Austin’s set-up and then take it further. (What’s next for them??)

Recommended, especially if you need something breezy and fun for the beach. (Not a bad place to be reading about a dripping Darcy!)