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A Case of Possession

A Case of Possession - K.J. Charles

Two questions first:

Tracy, you started this in JANUARY? Why are you just finishing this now?

Honestly, I started in January, LOVED IT, started angsting about finishing it and having it be DONE, having to wait for months for book 3, and so I then put it down at around 25% due to angst, and then got distracted.

I’m sometimes like that. I’ll dig something, and I either angst about finishing, or I’ll keep a book that I’ve been waiting to read, and keep holding it, like I’m not ready to get over that “waiting” yet. I know. It’s weird.

So why finish now?

I’ve been reading some not-awesome stuff, so I finally fell back on what I KNEW I would enjoy, and things picked up quickly back into the mad magpie adventures of Lord Crane and Stephan, and it’s AWESOME, and I loved it, and I totally dig Charles’ style, her dueling characters, her dialogue, the tension she builds, and yes, the heated sexy times that erupt between Crane and Stephan.

I found the sequel just as enjoyable as book 1, The Magpie Lord. (And I definitely recommend reading book 1 first.) Crane and Stephan are still together after their last adventure, although tenuous as Stephan struggles with new powers and his fear of being discovered, and Crane deals with the fact that for the first time in a long time, he cares for something (someone) and that someone is very much not under his control (except maybe in bed.)

I find Charles’ Magpie world and characters delicious, and just want MORE when I’m done. I’ll now start angsting about waiting for book 3 Flight of Magpies (and also keep hoping for a novel in her Simon Feximal universe). Hopefully next time I won’t take months to draw it out, but who knows. I do enjoy savoring such awesome books.