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Remnant - Great crossover (and free!)

Remnant - K.J. Charles,  Jordan L. Hawk

A very fun (and free) historical crossover novella that ties Charles' ghost hunter Simon and partner Robert (from The Caldwell Ghost and Butterflies) with Hawk's academic/sorcerer Percival Whyborne and his detective lover Griffin (from the Whyborne and Griffin series).

Here, Whyborne and Griffin are visiting London from the U.S., and get embroiled in one of Robert and Simon's newest (and grisly) murder cases. Where as Robert and Griffin seem to hit things off quite quickly, Simon and Whyborne are very much not aligned, especially since Simon disagrees with Whyborne's use of sorcery.

A very fun read, and at over 15,000+ words, is pleasantly sizable for a free read. Fans of either series should find lots to enjoy (including some romantic times) and this is an easy recommendation to make if you've enjoyed either Charles' or Hawk's writings. Having the two pairs come together (whether they're friendly or fighting) is a very imaginative combo, and overall, a really enjoyable read.

My only aside is that I'm one of the few who didn't get into Widdershins, although I love historicals and mysteries. I think there's a style difference with Whyborne's narration that doesn't work with me. I felt that difference for the alternative chapters that Whyborne narrated here, so it's a good indicator that the rest of the W&G series is probably not for me either.

It definitely satisfied my Robert & Simon craving though, and Charles, that crafty person, alludes to several past cases that have not appeared in print yet. (The tease!) I hope there's an unwritten promise there, because I would definitely love to backtrack and find out more about them.

Charles and Hawk were definitely a good combo, and I would look forward to reading any further adventures of these four. That is, if Simon and Whyborne would allow it...

The story can be downloaded for *free* (yay!) from Smashwords.