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Team Bingo categories!

Team Bingo starts on Friday, and here are the categories:

*Book Title: F (So any books that starts with F. "An" "A" and "The" beforehand are allowed.
**Author: A (First or last name starts with A.)
***Publisher: Samhain
Best Gay Cinderfellas
Gay Romance With Crazy Jealous Partner/s
Best Gay Romance Books with Tattooed Characters
Best Gay Romance With A Character/s Who Has A Disability
Best M/M With An Actual Story
Best Gay Mystery
M/M Romance With Mostly Blue Covers
Gay Romance Working Class Heroes
Best Gay Historical Romance
Best Gay Shifters
Best Gay Alpha Males
Want To Watch This On Screen
Best Gay Novel Series
Best Humorous Gay Romances
Gay and Sexy Characters 40+
Published in 2012
Best Gay Friends Become Lovers
M/M Romance Covers Featuring Decapitated Naked Torsos
Best Gay Books Based on Fairytales
Best Gay Cops/Security Guards/PIs
Best Gay "Flamboyant" Characters

Like last time, my goal is going to try to read something that I own already (or can get for free i.e. borrow from someone or it's a free online fic, etc.)

We'll see how it goes!