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Team Bingo

I'm signing up again for the next round of Team Bingo for the MM GR group. I'm a little nervous this time since I may have a lot of work this month, but will try to stick it out. (One book a week, starting Jan. 10.) Worse comes to worse, I can drop out, but I'd prefer not...I may have to try to choose more shorter books (less than 200 pages.)

I like Bingo because it really forces me to get through a book, it sometimes gets me to try new authors, and I also try to choose ones that I own already so I can work through that huge pile on the kindle. I've written some of (what I consider) my "best" reviews for Bingo books, just because Bingo forces you to review the book to complete that category, and it made me think about it.

We'll see how it goes...