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Kickerstarter to print original fic by fanfic writers

Big Bang Press: New Publisher on Kickstarter to publisher original fic by fanfic writers


I don't know how I feel about this. I do know a lot of m/m presses already who would (and do) clamor for original fic from fanfic writers.I hadn't thought it was that difficult, especially if you have a manuscript completed, and you were willing to listen to editorial feedback. (And there's a lot of fannish people who work in those presses, so I don't know if I see a need for a new "more fan culture-oriented" publisher...?)

In some ways, I want to be supportive, because people starting presses = cool! Funding awesome fanfic writers and their original fic = yeah!

In other ways...what's the long term plan? The queer romance genre is still pretty small. Will you make back the money? Or do you need to do a kickstarter for each series of novels? Hmmmm...