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Bingo Recap

This round of M/M Team Bingo ended today at the start of week 15. My team didn't win, but that's okay. I like bingo because I use it to read through my TBR pile, and because you have to finish the book, it's forced me a few times to finish a book that I might have given up on early, but later really liked.

This round, my goal was to try to pick books that I already owned but hadn't read yet. Out of 15 books, I had bought four, so not too bad.

The rules of bingo are easy. Each week, you're given a list or prompt, and you have to choose a book to read. You have to finish the book and write a review after. The book has to be 100 pages or longer (except you're allowed two instances when you can pick something shorter. That's useful if you get a category you dislike.) Each team has its own bingo card, and the team that has two filled out lines on the card wins.


What was different this round was that there was a free space, but you had to read a book for that space, but it could be any book, and there was no time limit. (Everything else, you had to read within three weeks of that book's category being called. That rule is there so one team isn't hurt by a member who doesn't finish any of their books. If you don't finish your book in three weeks, you get kicked off.)

This Round


Week 1: Best Gay Romance with Yakuza/Mafia - The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic


Free Space: The Raven King by Nora Sakavic*


Week 2: Theme: Hurt/Comfort - Under the Rushes by Amy Lane


Week 3: Beach/Summer Reads - The Lion and the Crow by Eli Easton


Week 4: Dystopia - Esperanza by Eve Ocotillo


Week 5: Continuing Series (Read any book in a series that you've started that's not #1) - Dead in the Desert by Lou Harper*


Week 6: Virginal Characters - Into Deep Waters by Kaje Harper


Week 7: Any book whose title starts with "D" - Dragon Slayer by Isabella Carter


Week 8: Heartbreaking Gay Romance - The Red King by Rosemary O'Malley


Week 9: Best Gay Rockers - Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg*  **


Week 10: YA Characters - Looks Over by Rose Christo


Week 11: Covers with No Sexual Overtones - Bonds of Earth by G. N. Chevalier


Week 12: MM GR Group: Members Choice 2012 - Good Bones by Kim Fielding


Week 13: Self-Published Novels - Winter Wolf by S. P. Wayne


Week 14: Tattoos - Body Art by Jordan Castillo Price* (I'm still reading this one. The game ended, so less of a rush.)


Week 15: A book by an author whose first or last name starts with "N" - If the game hadn't ended today, I would have picked "Birds of a Feather" by Nicole Kimberling (Bellingham Mysteries #5)


* = I bought it for bingo


** = This is my least favorite category. I don't know why, but most "Rockers"/band books don't work for me, so I picked one that had a suspense story mixed in.


For those interested, Into Deep Waters, Esperanza, The Lion and the Crow, and The Foxhole Court are all free reads.


So, great progress, and some wonderful reads. (Like I'm so happy I finally sat down to read The Foxhole Court! Thanks, Bingo!) This is my third round, and I lucked out that I didn't really dislike any of the books. Everything ranged from 'fine" to "awesome".


I do recommend the game. It is a fun way to work through your TBR pile, and you can meet some cool people too.